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284 W Exchange St
Providence, RI 02903

(same complex facing RT 10
one street down running
parallel to CEDAR)

Phone:(401) 632-0580
Fax:(401) 632-0584

Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM
Faye L. Silverman Faye L. Silverman
Managing Partner: Administrative, Legal, Customer Service
Patti Herron Patti Herron
Managing Partner: Creative, Marketing, Technical
AJ Silverman AJ Silverman
Senior Recruiter: Technical, Customer Service, Medical, Gaming
"Connecting Great People With Great Companies"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does Silverman McGovern charge me a “fee” to place me? A) Reputable agencies never charge you a fee to partner with them

Q) Should I take the assessment tests that your agency is requesting? A) Assessment Testing is just one tool that Employers and Staffing Agencies utilize to make better hiring decisions and to find the best candidate for their positions. For candidates in today’s competitive job market, assessment testing is not only a tool to help highlight your abilities but can also be utilized to identify the areas that you may need improvement in. If you discover that there areas that you need improvement in, Silverman McGovern can provide you with outstanding self-paced tutorials.

Q) What Kind of Value can a Silverman McGovern Staffing add to your job search? A) Many people assume that utilizing a Staffing Agency is a last resort in their job search effort. In truth, working with a reputable staffing agency should be a core element of your Job Search Strategy. Building a life time career partnership with Silverman McGovern Staffing can enhance your long term career success. Partnering with a professional recruiter can provide you access to jobs that you might not otherwise have access to, assist you in re-writing your resume as well as positioning yourself in a new industry, keep you informed about salary trends and career requirements, and in many cases one on one career “coaching”

Q) Why should Job Seekers partner with a Staffing Agency?A) Posting your resume on popular JOB BOARDS is seldom effective by itself anymore! A reputable Staffing Agency will optimize your job search in many ways. Silverman McGovern’s recruiting team will work closely with you to create a job search strategy, create a “winning” resume that is competitive and effective in highlighting your strengths, and coach you for a “home-run” interview. Most importantly, Silverman McGovern can often provide you with an inside track to positions before they become available on the open market.

Q) Should College Grads consider Temp Positions?A) Absolutely! Opportunities create opportunities. Working in a temporary position is an ideal way for a recent college grad to showcase their talents and more importantly to earn valuable “career” related experience. Temp roles often transition into permanent employment. The key in this difficult economy is to be flexible, build your resume, and build your professional network. Temporary positions can help you do that!

Q) What can you do to deliver a knock out interview?A) The most obvious answer is to be organized and prepared! However; the real power of your interview will be delivered from “Believing” in yourself. If a formula did exist to guarantee “hitting an interview out of the ballpark”; it would look like this: Genuine Interest + Relevant Career Experience + Gracious Confidence. Do your homework about the company, its history, products, services, and recent market challenges and be prepared to talk about it. Be involved mentally before you start! Most importantly have a clear, personal understanding of how you can contribute to the company’s continued success. It is not always what the potential company can do for you but rather; what value can you personally add to your potential employer in terms of talent, knowledge, expertise, and passion.

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